A winery in the heart of the Chianti Classico

The vineyards at Piemaggio cover over 12 hectares. The vines, all trained with the Guyot system, grow on a number of separate hillsides with south and south-westerly aspect. The altitude sits between 380 and 480 metres above sea level, with slopes of variable steepness.

The cellar at Piemaggio is situated roughly one kilometre from the farmhouse and the vineyards, as the crow flies. It was modernised in 2014, with the purchase of new 100HL steel vats for controlled temperature fermentation.

Our wines give voice to the language of Sangiovese: they represent a most authentic expression of the Sangiovese grape in its Chianti declination. Piemaggio's wines flawlessly embody the best features of this complex territory, where wines of great character and balance come to life.

Where to find us

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